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Garmin Forerunner 35

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A thin, lightweight watch – perfect for daily running, training and competition.




Run with the heart

The  Forerunner 35   is a thin, lightweight watch perfect for daily running, training and competition.

The clock features a built-in heart rate monitor and a  GPS  that tracks distance, rhythm, intervals and more.

All the information is in your wrist, without the need for a smartphone or a breast strap.

Just wear the 35 and get out!

Stay connected

On the connection to your smartphone, the  Forerunner 35  provides the convenience of receiving smart alerts straight to the wrist.

Stay connected to family and friends by “live” tracking, which allows you to track your workout in real time.

The  Forerunner 35  keeps the software update automatic and enables music control from the clock itself.

Personal customization

The Forerunner 35 running clock   allows you to automatically upload statistics and information about your run to   Garmin Connect , the online fitness community where you can watch the progress achieved and share on social networks.

This software is available for your PC or smartphone at no cost with the Garmin Connect app   .

Monitor exercise throughout the day and night

The  Forerunner 35  is a clock designed to be used throughout the day and night, thanks to its extensive monitoring capabilities, including counting steps, calories, distance, sleep, strenuous exercise time, and of course heart rate monitoring 24/7.

The clock is also sensitive to times of inactivity and alerts vibration that it is time to move!

Understanding traffic

The  Forerunner 35   introduces the Garmin Move IQ ™ option    that identifies the various activities such as walking, running, etc., without having to remove the clock or select the type of activity. The clock automatically detects changes in traffic.

In the Garmin Connect app   on your smartphone, you can learn more about your various activities, join challenges and compete with others

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